Woohoo, my second book collection is here folks! Zen Pencils Volume Two: Dream the Impossible Dream will be released on October 13.

Collecting 20 of my best comics from the past 18 months, the book also includes an all-new, exclusive 16-page comic written and drawn by me. The new story features some of your favourite Zen Pencils characters teaming up to battle THE MONSTER NAMED FEAR. Here’s a little tease of the artwork:


If that wasn’t enough, like the first collection, the book also comes with a pull-out poster you can’t get anywhere else:


I am super-proud of this book. I think the variety of comics are stronger than the first collection, and together with the exclusive comic and poster, make for great value. I have designed every page of this book myself (those years of graphic design work occasionally come in handy) to make sure the comics look their best in book form. I’ve even revised some comics to make for a better reading experience. For instance:


The calling – by Gavin Aung Than
A lifetime of learning – Isaac Asimov
The gift of life – Chris Hardwick
Full body education – Sir Ken Robinson
It costs nothing to encourage an artist – Kevin Smith
Great people do things before they’re ready – Amy Poehler
The middle of winter – Albert Camus
If you love someone – Unknown author
Because it’s there – George Mallory
We are all human beings – The Dalai Lama
The fears are paper tigers – Amelia Earhart
A ripple of hope – Robert F. Kennedy
It couldn’t be done – Edgar Albert Guest
Ozymandias – Percy Byshhe Shelley
Phenomenal woman – Maya Angelou
It is only following out nature – Margaret E. Knight
Work is love made visible – Khalil Gibran
All the world’s a stage – William Shakespeare
A puppeteer’s advice – Jim Henson
The monster named fear – by Gavin Aung Than (16-PAGE EXCLUSIVE COMIC)
Exclusive pull-out poster
*The book deadline was April, so any comics published after that will not appear in the book.

Although not out till next month, I would be super grateful if you pre-ordered the book. I know, you’re probably sick of authors, comedians, chefs and bloggers asking you to pre-order their books. But they do actually play a big role in how a book will perform. By pre-ordering, it generates interest and allows retailers to order accordingly which helps create a buzz around a release. Also, there were some stock issues with my previous book. The first printing sold out in the first two weeks and a lot of you had to wait for the second print run. So pre-ordering will help you secure your copy. You can order from the usual places:

BOOKTOPIA (Australia)

You can also visit the official book page.

As always, thank you for your continued support. The only reason there is a second book is because you made the first book a success. I really appreciate all your feedback, encouragement and most-importantly, your hard-earned cash 😛

I’m also excited to announce that I will be visiting America in October for a USA book tour to coincide with the release. My publisher and I are still working out a few details, but I should have an announcement with the final cities and dates next week!

Phew, ok I think that’s it for today. Thanks again and I hope you’re as happy with the collection as I am.
– Gav