buddha580This Zen Pencils ‘Thousands of Candles’ T-shirt is now available for a limited time only through Teespring! The design comes in both men’s and women’s tees and are available in a variety of colours. The campaign ends on Nov 24th so reserve your shirt fast. The tees will only ship once the campaign ends and they are guaranteed to ship in time for Christmas.


Long time readers will know that I experimented with T-shirts two years ago. They kind of fell by the wayside as I got focused on putting my two books together and also designing the new poster store. During my book tour a lot of you were asking “When are you going to bring T-shirts back? When????” I’ve been meaning to, but the encouragement from you was enough to convince me to get serious about it. If this campaign is successful then I plan to release a new design every month (or thereabouts). For the first tee, I’m re-issuing the Thousands of Candles design I used previously, but as a white print.


Again, the campaign ends 24th November and the tees will ship in time for Christmas. There was an issue with my previous campaign with a shipping error resulting in long delays. I’ve been assured by Teespring that it will not happen again and they offer a great return policy if you’re not happy with their service. Tees ship from the USA or the UK depending on your location.

BONUS PHOTO CONTEST: If you’re one of the first 5 people to Tweet me a photo of yourself wearing the T-shirt, you will win a Zen Pencils poster from my store!


Thanks again for your support!
– Gav
P.S. And thanks for your patience with the new comics (or lack thereof). There will be a new comic next week, the longest one I’ve done 🙂