This is an important post to let you know that I’ll be updating new comics a bit less regularly. I’ll still be aiming for one new comic per week, but I’m removing the restraint of the definitive Tuesday deadline. Basically, I’ll be updating new comics as I finish them and going for quality over quantity. This means a new comic might appear in 7 days, 10 days or two weeks.

For instance, I’m working on a pretty labour-intensive comic at the moment so there will be no update this week, but I’m planning for two new comics next week.

This decision has been coming for awhile now. As you’ve probably noticed, my comics are getting longer and more detailed. It’s not something I planned, but I just seem to gravitate to longer stories now. Trying to maintain the weekly schedule while working on these longer comics means I’ve been working 7 days a week for the past few months. Since that is a one way ticket to creative burnout, I need to scale back a bit. I will still throw in a shorter comic now and then, but the longer comics will be the norm.

Won’t this have a negative effect on your website and traffic numbers? Probably, but that’s not as important to me as producing work that I’m proud of.

So just to reiterate, the comics will have a flexible update schedule – roughly one a week. I know this is frustrating to you, but it will give me the freedom to take my time and give you my best work. Make sure to follow me on one of the social networks or join the email list to be notified as soon as a new comic is posted.

As always, thanks for your support.

Your pal,