Hi folks, this is an important post to let you know that comics will now be updating only once a week – every Tuesday.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post explaining what’s been going on with me and the blog, and the reason is related to why I’m decreasing the updates. I’ve basically been drawing and making comics non-stop for the last few months and haven’t had the time to write anything or do any work on this site.

I’m also finding that the deadline sometimes compromises the quality of the work. I’d rather produce one good comic a week instead of two so-so pieces a week. So I’m going with a quality over quantity mandate. And I much rather enjoy producing the long narrative comics over the one-piece posters but those take a lot longer to complete so the new schedule will help me finish them without stressing about not getting them done in time to post on a Tuesday or Friday. The one-piece posters won’t be disappearing completely, I plan to still do those when I have the time and post them in addition to the regular update.

The new schedule will also give me more time to work on the business/marketing/cold-hard-cash side of the website which has been badly neglected. I’ve been so focused on producing comics I haven’t been able to explore new merchandise ideas or market the blog in any way. I guess this is what a lot of small-business owners go through when they start. The artist/craftsman throws themselves into producing the work they know and love, but forget all the other things that go into running a successful business. And as much as this website is about following my passion, if I want to turn it into my livelihood, I have to get a bit more serious about the ‘other things’.

Speaking of business, the prints are selling steadily (thank you!) and advertising on the site is finally starting to generate a bit of revenue. I would say I’m earning about half the income I was making at my old 9-5 job. Considering this site only launched in February, I’d say that’s pretty good! Traffic on the site slowly grows every week and new readers are always sending me emails or posting comments to introduce themselves, which I always appreciate.

Also, I was invited to speak on my first panel! I’ll be pretending to know what I’m talking about at the ProBlogger conference in Melbourne this weekend. I’m on a panel that’s titled Taking a new blog to success. So that’s pretty exciting, wish me luck. I’ll try and get some pictures so I can post about it.

All in all, everything is great, I’m still loving making these comics and sharing them with you. I’m off on a holiday next month for three weeks so I’m going to be in serious work-mode until then so I can have regular comics update while I’m away (I hope!).


Thank you for your continued awesomeness,