QUESTION: Would you like to win the original art of the exclusive poster that appears in my book?


In case you missed it, the launch of the first Zen Pencils book is fast approaching (released Nov 11), and in the book, you get this exclusive pull-out poster:


To help promote the book and encourage pre-orders, I’m giving away the original artwork to the poster to one lucky reader who has pre-ordered the book. The artwork comes framed and I will include some other goodies when I send it away to be shipped.


To win, all you have to do is pre-order the book before the US release date of November 11 and email the receipt, along with your name and address to

I will randomly select a winner who will then be able to bask in the glow of original Zen Pencils artwork for the rest of their life! (Disclaimer: I promise your email will not be used to spam you in the future. I’ll literally only be using this email account to choose a random name to win the contest.)

Visit this official page for all the details of the book and places where you can order.

To all of those who have already pre-ordered, firstly THANK YOU! And secondly, be sure to email your receipts so you have a chance of winning.

– Gav

P.S. There’s a couple of differences between the original art and the final poster. See if you can spot them.