Zen Pencils will be taking a two-week hiatus over the holiday period and will return with a new comic on Tuesday January 8th.

“Wait, didn’t you just have a vacation?” I hear you ask. “Yeah, what’s your point?” At my old job, we always had to work during Christmas and the New Year – the office never shut down. So I’m taking a break just because I can! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Besides spending time with family and friends and eating too much ham, I’m also looking forward to planning out and setting goals for next year. 2012 and the first 10 months of Zen Pencils have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and I’m hoping to do bigger and better things in 2013. The break will also allow me to start work on a special 100th comic I have planned …

I’d just like to wish you all a safe and fun holiday season and to also thank you for visiting the site. Thank you for sharing the comics with your friends, for buying prints and for sending me emails and quotes (the time off will allow me to catch-up on all my backlogged emails too!). I’ve been humbled and amazed by your kind words and support. You’re helping to build a bona fide website community here and nothing makes me happier.

If you’re the New Year’s resolution type, just remember that this time last year Zen Pencils was still a twinkle in my eye. Now, I’ve completed nearly 100 comics, am on my way to being totally independent and self-employed and have found my vocation in life. So if you have a project or something else you keep putting on hold, just start it already. You never know what it could turn into.

See you next year.
– Gav