Starting next week comics will be updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Yes, I’m decreasing it to two comics a week instead of three.

This wasn’t an easy decision but it’s in the best interest of my sanity as I can no longer keep up the three-a-week schedule. I was probably a bit optimistic setting myself that schedule and the fact that I had a good number of comics completed in advance before I launched the site gave me a false sense of security. However, now that I’ve been working on this site for a couple of months, I have a better idea of my work habits and how long a decent comic will take to complete. I realise that I enjoy doing the longer, narrative story adaptations (Carl Sagan, Frank Herbert, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Mitchell, Dean Karnazes) more than the single illustration pieces (Gandhi, Einstein, Sydney Smith), and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these longer ones are the most popular. Of course, these also take longer to complete (2-4 days compared to 1 day for the single illustrations), so I was often churning out those single-shot pieces frantically on weekends.

I think having two updates per week is more realistic, and it also gives me more time to think of cool story ideas, concepts and just make better work overall, which benefits you in the end. Again, this wasn’t an easy decision and I apologise to those who are throwing their computers on the floor in disgust at my laziness. Let me make this clear, this in no way means that I am losing any enthusiasm or dedication for this website. I’m bloody loving it. I’ve never been more satisfied creatively and I’m leaping out of bed every morning (way earlier than when I used to have to go to work) to get to the drawing board. This is my dream project – I get to draw whatever I want, in whatever way I want. I get to be inspired by beautiful quotes, write about my heroes and learn about new heroes from the quotes you’re submitting (I read everyone of them, promise). I think I’ve found what I’m truly meant to be doing at this stage in my life.

So remember next week, TUESDAY and THURSDAY. There’ll still be one more Bruce Lee update tomorrow.

Thanks again for supporting the site and by extension, me.


PS: Prints available next week!