Hi there – just thought I’d share a recent freelance job I did. Normally I avoid ‘mercenary’ work if I can afford to, but this opportunity was too good to pass up. I was asked by the American PBS network to create an original ‘Zen Pencils-style’ comic to help promote the airing of THE TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI – a new documentary about Ali’s exile years. If you’ve seen my three-part Muhammad Ali comic series you would know that he is one of my heroes and the chance to help promote this film was an honour. You can read the comic here and also see some poster quotes I did here. If you’re in the States, make sure to watch the film on April 13 (I’ve seen it and it’s great).

This job is the reason Zen Pencils updates have been taking longer than usual. Now that it’s done, I’m eager to put all my energy back into this website, where it should be!