Earlier this week I made my first official public appearance as the ‘guy who does that Zen Pencils site’ when I gave an informal presentation to the Victorian chapter of the Australian Cartoonists Association (the oldest cartooning organisation in the world).

Now, normally when I’m asked to do something that makes me uncomfortable I resort to my default introverted instincts and say “No thanks, not interested”, and the fact that it was public speaking made it much more daunting. But seeing as how a few of my comics and quotes are about ‘doing what you’re afraid to do’ and ‘fear is the mind-killer’, I thought I should practise what I preach and accepted the invitation. And (like all things we initially don’t want to do, but end up doing because we know it’s good for us) I’m glad I did.

Everyone at the meeting (if you can call people sitting around drinking beer and eating schnitzel a meeting) were either current professional cartoonists or former pros so it was an honour to be asked to talk about my work. A lot of them are from the old-school generation who aren’t that familiar with webcomics, blogging, internet marketing and social media so I covered some of that and talked about my history, what Zen Pencils is all about and what plans I had for the site in the future (unfortunately the projector wasn’t working so I had to show my work on a laptop). Everyone seemed to be interested, there were a lot of questions and all in all, it was a great night and I got to talk shop with some fellow cartooning addicts.