Good news, I’ve revamped the Translations section, which now has over 350 comics in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and French! One of my goals this year was to (finally) make an effort to get all my translated comics in one place and make them easier to view and navigate. Plus, you can now comment on individual comics and share them just as you would the English ones. I’d love to make Zen Pencils an international destination that has readers from all over the world, so please share this with as many as your friends as possible. All of these translations have been done by awesome readers who have volunteered their time.

I’m hoping to include more languages in the future. If you are interested in translating comics yourself, have some background with translations and also basic design/layout knowledge contact me via email. You will be required to edit and layout the words on the comics yourself, I just provide blank comics with the English quotes removed. Due to the number of emails I get, it may take some time for me to respond.

A big THANK YOU to all the readers who have helped so far with translations!!

The Korean and French editions of my first book collection were also recently released.