Holy crap on a stick, the Zen Pencils book is officially a New York Times best-seller!! Yes, we did it folks – the book debuted this week at #7 on the Graphic Paperback list.

Gimme a sec … I’m still in shock as I write this.

Hold on … deep breaths … ok I think I’m good.

Thank you so much for supporting the book – it made the list solely thanks to the number of your pre-orders (which count as first week sales). In fact, the pre-orders were so strong, a lot of places ran out of stock within a few days. You can still get the books here:

BOOKTOPIA Australia – In stock

More copies are being printed and Amazon and other online stores should have more stock within the week.

As if you already haven’t done enough, I’m going to be cheeky and ask for one more favour: If you bought the book from Amazon, I would be super-grateful if you wrote a quick review. Those Amazon reviews help persuade potential buyers who have never heard of Zen Pencils before click that all-important ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the early days of the site, or just discovered Zen Pencils in the past few weeks or months, it’s you that have made this possible. Your constant support of my work and the website really does make a difference to me personally, pushes me to keep improving as a cartoonist and reminds me not to take any of this success for granted. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

– Gav