It might have taken me 18 months, but I can finally announce that an original Zen Pencils T-shirt is available to buy! This design is the first in a planned series of limited-edition tees I’m offering through Teespring. What is Teespring, I hear you ask? Well, it takes the Kickstarter/crowdfunding model and applies them to T-shirts. I launch a campaign with a specific design, set a sale goal (in this case, 50 tees) and if that goal is met the campaign is successful and the tee gets produced and shipped. If you order a T-shirt and the goal is NOT met, then you won’t be charged. Pretty sweet, right?


The T-shirt is only $14.99 US plus postage (here are the shipping rates), it’s available in both male and female cuts and in a variety of sizes. Teespring uses a commercial-grade silkscreen method printed on 100% cotton tees and they ship over 100,000 tees a month.

The quote I’ve used is a line from the Terence McKenna Nature Loves Courage comic and was inspired by the T-shirt the girl character is wearing in the story. I’ve already got some designs in mind for future tees, so expect to see more if this campaign is successful.

The campaign is live for 14 days. After that, the t-shirt will not be available again. So what are you waiting for? You’ve only got two weeks to secure your one-way ticket to instant popularity!


UPDATE: The goal of selling 50 tees was reached in less than 10 hours thanks to my email subscribers 🙂 That means you can now purchase with the knowledge that the shirt is definitely getting produced. Thanks so much to those who bought one.