Great news to all the teachers out there who have been using Zen Pencils comics in the classroom. My publisher Andrews McMeel has partnered with non-profit Reading With Pictures to put together a free Teacher’s Guide companion for the Zen Pencils book.

The 6-page PDF has plenty of activities for teachers to spice up their classes with. These include discussion topics based around specific comics, brainstorming original ideas, breaking down what cartooning and storytelling techniques I’ve used and of course applying everything they learn to make their own comic. It’s aimed at high school students but there are some activities appropriate for all ages. The guide is for use with the Zen Pencils book, but I’m sure teacher’s can still make do if they use this website only.

Download the PDF from the official Zen Pencils page on Andrews McMeel. (scroll down)

A big thanks to Tracy Edmunds from Reading With Pictures for writing the guide. Tracy and I would love to hear feedback so keep me updated with how your students respond. It would be nice to help inspire the next Bill Watterson or Charles Schulz!

– Gav
PS: Check out what Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, wrote about one of my comics. She posted the Is That Not Worth Exploring? comic on her Facebook page and wrote a beautiful response to go with it.