Ah, I love when Zen Pencils inspires others to make good art. A couple of lovely couples in love have lovingly completed projects inspired by my CS Lewis To Love at All comic that I absolutely … love!

Before you scroll down, you should read the comic so the rest of this post will make sense. I’ve had such positive feedback from the comic and I’m really honoured that so many of you relate to it. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the cartoon couple. I know their relationship is currently up in the air, but there will be definitely be a part three in the future.

Ok firstly, Zen Pencils readers Eric and Armi loved the comic so much it inspired them to use it as the basis of their pre-nuptial video. They’ve made a super-cute and funny version of the comic starring themselves. The video made me smile so much and they’ve managed to capture the humour and heart that’s in the comic. I might have squirted out a few tears while watching it (I ain’t afraid to admit it). Check it out and congrats to the both of them!

Eric & Armi Pre-wedding concept video from The Lightshapers Studios on Vimeo.

And secondly, super-talented photographer and Zen Pencils fan Moriah did a photoshoot with her boyfriend Matthew based on the comic. Moriah had gone through a tough break up before she found love again with Matthew:

“When my boyfriend and I met a year ago I found it so hard to trust again, and yes, to be vulnerable. When I came across your cartoon I felt that it perfectly illustrated my own heart ache and the experience I went through. I immediately emailed the link to Matthew, and said, “this is you and me.” Then there was an exchange about my red hair and the fact that Matthew also likes to wear bow ties, similar to your characters. We both felt such an affinity for this cartoon that I decided to create a styled shoot inspired by it.”


Beautiful stuff! Visit Moriah’s blog to see the rest of the pics and more of her work.

Zen Pencils readers are the best – am I right or am I right? Leave a comment to let me know if Zen Pencils has motivated you to unleash your own creativity!