Hey everyone! A little update with me. Sigh, I knew this would happen. As soon as I release the first chapter of a big new ongoing comic (see my latest comic, Little Warrior Chapter 1), life throws a spanner in the works, albeit a shiny beautiful spanner that I’m excited about.

So, I’ve been looking for a new project to start and have been pitching various book ideas to publishers the past 6-12 months. Two children’s books didn’t impress anyone. But it’s true when they say ‘third time’s the charm’, as my third pitch has been sold!

It’s a new middle grade series, with the first book out next year. I can’t say much about it yet, but needless to say, the past month or so has been crazy. It will only be for the Australian/New Zealand market initially and hopefully sold to other regions in the future. My publisher is really excited about the series and eager to get the first 2 books out as soon as possible, BUT that means they’ve given me a pretty unforgiving deadline and I’m currently smack bang in the writing/penciling stage of Book 1.

I’ll also be starting a new teaching job one day a week in October at a local school in Perth, working with kids and teaching them the power of COMICS! I’m excited about that, being able to get out of the house and into the world instead of being holed up like a creepy recluse all the time.

So unfortunately ZEN PENCILS and LITTLE WARRIOR will be taking a back seat. I’ve penciled and inked Chapter 2 of Little Warrior, but it still needs colouring. I’m still committed to it but it’s going to take even longer to complete now, I really don’t know when the new chapters will be getting released. I hope you understand.

Love you and can’t wait to share the new book with you. It’s definitely nothing like Zen Pencils, it’s straight up for kids – silly, goofy and full of adventure.?
– Gav