I’m off to Peru this weekend for my charity trek to Machu Picchu (“Yay – exciting!”). So this is to just let you know there won’t be a new comic for at least two weeks (“Boooo – hiss!”). I was hoping to get one or two comics done in advance but it just didn’t happen I’m afraid. It’s a bummer I know, but there will be another behind-the-scenes blog post next week.

I’ve been doing CrossFit (which I’ve since fallen in love with) for the past few months in an attempt to get in shape for high-altitude trekking. Fingers crossed that I won’t burst a lung, get altitude sickness, have an asthma attack or get eaten by a Puma while I’m away. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored my trek, I’ll be sure to write a post all about it when I return.

I’ll also be posting some pics of the trip on my Twitter and Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing.

Take it easy,