I’m thrilled to have some of my illustrations in the new best-selling book by writer and blogger extraordinaire Tim Ferriss! This is Ferriss’ third book after his hugely successful The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. The 4-Hour Chef is not only a how-to guide on cooking for beginners, it’s also a manual for learning anything you want using an efficient and no-nonsense system.

Below is the main illustration I did. There are other smaller drawings of mine used also. This image is used in the molecular gastronomy chapter hence the science-related equipment and props.





There’s a pretty cool story about how I got this opportunity. Tim didn’t see a Zen Pencils comic while browsing the internet and say to himself “My God, who is the talented young man that drew this? I must have his work in my book!” No, we actually met in 2011 before I had even launched Zen Pencils. I had become a fan of Tim’s after reading his first book The 4-Hour Workweek – it helped me with the decision to change my career and start my own thing. Tim posted on his blog that he was asking for submissions for recipes and ideas for his new cooking book. So I sent in a few sketches and suggested he use some illustrations.

To my surprise Tim was keen on the idea and even took me out for dinner a few months later when he was in Melbourne. We discussed his new book and I told him about a new cartoon website I was starting. He couldn’t have been nicer, especially considering he had just arrived from the States after a long flight and was tired as hell.

That was in October 2011 and now, over a year later his book is out and is on the New York Times bestseller list … and my drawings are in it! How cool is that?!

*Note: The cover illustration is not mine. Just wanted to show you what the book looks like.