Zen Pencils Volume Two!


“The sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorical adaptations are charming, funny, and pointedly invigorating. Suitable for kids and adults, ideal for graduates and career seekers.”

– Publishers Weekly


The second Zen Pencils collection is here! It features a selection of my best comics as well as an all-new original 16-page story and pull-out poster. Published by Andrews McMeel (Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, The Far Side, Pearls Before Swine, The Oatmeal) and features over 170 full-color pages. This book is a treat for any Zen Pencils fan or makes a perfect holiday or graduation gift for that Zen Pencils newbie who might need a little bit of inspiration in their life. – Gav

The calling – by Gavin Aung Than
A lifetime of learning – Isaac Asimov
The gift of life – Chris Hardwick
Full body education – Sir Ken Robinson
It costs nothing to encourage an artist – Kevin Smith
Great people do things before they’re ready – Amy Poehler
The middle of winter – Albert Camus
If you love someone …
Because it’s there – George Mallory
We are all human beings – The Dalai Lama
The fears are paper tigers – Amelia Earhart
A ripple of hope – Robert F. Kennedy
It couldn’t be done – Edgar Albert Guest
Ozymandias – Percy Byshhe Shelley
Phenomenal woman – Maya Angelou
It is only following out nature – Margaret E. Knight
Work is love made visible – Khalil Gibran
All the world’s a stage – William Shakespeare
A puppeteer’s advice – Jim Henson
The monster named fear – 16-PAGE EXCLUSIVE COMIC