Even though I mentioned in my first Charles Bukowski adaptation that his material is rarely motivational or joyful, he does have some very uplifting poems – and Roll the Dice is among the best. Listen here to a great reading of the poem by Tom O’Bedlam. Another one of Bukowski’s most triumphant pieces is The Laughing Heart (submitted by many of you), which you can hear in this great video read by Tom Waits.

As you can tell, I’m a big Game of Thrones fan (the TV show, I have’t read the novels). I’m not normally a huge fantasy fanboy but I got caught up in the hype (as did the whole world it seems) and have been thoroughly enjoying the series. The idea for this comic came to me a few weeks ago, when I was still reeling from the events of the latest season.

– Thanks to Deep, Kushman and Brendan for submitting the poem.
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