Yay, another quote from everyone’s favourite Nobel Prize-winning, Quantum Mechanics-pioneering, bongo-playing genius (Here are my previous two: A more interesting outlook and The universe in a glass). It’s hard not to get energised by Feynman’s joyful explanation of science. He manages to capture the wonder of everyday scientific phenomenon we all take for granted, like the beauty of a flower or this awesome explanation of light.

Feynman took up art as a hobby when he was in his 40s and the friend who he mentions in this quote was Armenian artist Jirayr Zorthian. Every alternate Sunday for eight years, the two friends would attempt to teach the other their chosen field of expertise – Feynman would explain physics and Zorthian, art. Here’s a short clip explaining their relationship, including Feynman saying the quote used in the comic, plus Zorthian’s counter argument (warning: his remarks at the end might be offensive to some). And here’s a great article about Feynman the artist with more of his sketches at Brain Pickings. I also found this very cool animated video of the quote.


– I recently read Chris Ware’s incredible comic masterpiece Building Stories, which influenced this piece. Here’s a fantastic article about Ware if you’re unfamiliar with him.
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– Thanks to Erika for submitting this quote.