Something a bit different this week. A few of my Filipino readers contacted me after Typhoon Haiyan struck, asking that I adapt a quote to help create awareness about the tragedy. That got me thinking about what I could do to help, which eventually led to the comic you see above. I ended up not using a quote at all as I wanted the story to come 100% from me and it also meant I could sell it as a print right away. Typhoon Haiyan was the deadliest Philippine storm on record and has claimed over 5000 lives (with that figure expected to rise dramatically) and affected over 11 million people. If you’re interested in helping there’s a Haiyan Relief thread compiled on Reddit (thanks to reader Danielle for the link).

This comic is not meant to be anti-gaming in any way. I’m a huge fan of video games. In fact, I might have been more obsessed with video games as a kid than I was with comic books. I’ve owned a Commodore 64, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 and PS3 (just finished The Last of Us – a masterpiece). However, I don’t really play much anymore and I won’t be getting a PS4. That realisation made me a bit sad, the fact that my console days are over, but it’s probably time I hung up the controller – ah, we’ve had some good times together.