I’ve been wanting to do a real Dalai Lama quote ever since I discovered that my previous attempt was misattributed. This quote is taken from the Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in 1989.

Normally when creating a comic, I start with a quote and work out a story from there. On the rare occasion, I’ve got the whole story figured out and then find a quote that suits it. This comic is one of those, where the story came to me while I was on holiday in Myanmar. The scenery and attractions I came across (along with all the Buddhist monks that walk the streets) sparked an idea for a story featuring my lil’ Shaolin Monk character. I plotted and storyboarded the whole comic before searching for a suitable Dalai Lama quote to match what I had drawn. The quote was perfect, as it not only matched the story, it was exactly what I was experiencing while traveling and meeting so many new people – we really are all the same under the surface.

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