Amy Poehler is one of my favourite funny people, known for her portrayal as Pawnee’s Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, which I’m a big fan of. She’s also a Saturday Night Live alum and co-founded the influential improv school, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Besides being an incredibly talented and hilarious performer, Poehler has started projects to promote women’s rights and empower young girls. Her website Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is a hub for young women to learn and be part of a community, and in her YouTube series Ask Amy, Poehler gives advice and answers questions from fans.

This quote is taken from an Ask Amy video about courage.

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– Thanks to Elise, professional blogger and crafty person, for introducing me to this quote. She used it in her World Domination Summit talk.
– I wrote a wrap-up of my recent USA trip, including how my own WDS speech went.