Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was just some dude who founded a computer company no one has ever heard of. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. You don’t need me to tell you why Jobs was a great man so I’ll just explain what’s going on in the panels above:

Panel 2: After dropping out of college, Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple in Jobs’ parent’s garage. Their first product, the Apple I was released in 1976.
Panel 3: When Jobs was overlooked to head the main ‘Lisa’ project by the Apple board, he formed a new team to produce the Macintosh, released in 1984. He likened his team to renegade pirates fighting against the Navy (hence the pirate flag in the background). Jobs was a perfectionist, and was seen as a tyrant and bully by some of his employees.
Panel 4: In 1985, Jobs was fired as head of the Macintosh division by the Apple board after political infighting between him and the CEO. He was forced to leave the company he co-founded.
Panel 5: Jobs formed NeXT computers, which released their first workstation in 1990. Their computers were known for their really awesome operating system.
Panel 6: In 1986, Jobs bought a computer graphics company for $10 million which was later renamed Pixar. With John Lasseter as the creative brains of the company, Pixar went on to produce some of the greatest movies ever and make a kazillion dollars.
Panel 7: In 1996, Jobs returned to Apple as CEO after they purchased his company, NeXT. The NeXT operating system became the basis for Mac OS X.
Panel 8: From 1998, with Jobs at the helm and the release of the iMac G3, Apple has since released a range of products that have changed the world – from the way people listen and buy music, to creating new industries and just changing the way we consume media in general. Not bad for a college dropout.

– This quote is a very small section taken from Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech. It’s probably the most famous commencement speech of all time – you can read or watch the whole thing here.
– Being a designer, it’s pretty much pre-ordained that I must use and love Macs (which I do) or face being a pariah in the design community. I think designers are probably the most passionate Apple apostles out there – just picture a sarcastic guy in a black skivvy and chunky black glasses casually mention to an IT guy, “PC’s are sooooo lame.”