Shonda Rhimes is a screenwriter, director and television producer. She is the creator and showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and executive producer of the new drama How To Get Away With Murder.

This quote is from the commencement speech Rhimes gave at her alma mater Dartmouth earlier this year. I highly recommend you listen to the entire talk for more of her no-nonsense advice. Credit to the always-enlightening Brain Pickings for bringing it to my attention.

Positive quotes and mantras are obviously extremely popular at the moment (and duh, I’ve managed to build a whole website around them) but I try very hard to not just blindly preach the ‘follow your dreams’ rhetoric. As Rhimes puts so well, behind the decision to follow your bliss lies years of hard work, sacrifice, grit and determination. Talking about it accomplishes nothing.

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