Lao Tzu is said to be the founder of Taoism (although it’s disputed he ever lived at all) – an opposite set of beliefs from Confucianism, which was also invented around the same time (approx 500BC). Confucius placed emphasis on moral actions towards others, whereas Taoism was more concerned with self-discovery, inward reflection, simplicity and adapting to circumstances around you. Or so I think anyway, I could be wrong. The only thing I know about Taoism was that Bruce Lee studied it and he mentioned it a lot in his writings and teachings. However, the main concepts of tao, wu, wu-wei and fu are still beyond me – if anyone has a good beginner’s guide to Taoism they can recommend, I’m all ears. Having said that, this is such a great quote – worry, fear, negativity – these things never really help a situation, do they?

UPDATE: After further research and feedback from readers, it’s most likely this is misattributed to Lao Tzu. If anyone knows the real source, please let me know.