George Carlin week: PART 1, PART 2, PART 4
WARNING: Explicit language in all links below

Carlin often said his act covered three main areas. The first was the English language (Euphemisms). The second was the little things and experiences humans all share (A place for my stuff), and the final was the big topics of life such as religion and politics (Why we don’t need the 10 Commandments). However, the theme that permeated all of his material was HUMANITY’S BULLSHIT. He pointed out all the bullshit in the world and warned others from believing any of it. It’s the main message I took from his work and for that, I will forever be grateful. Thank you, George.

– The above quote is actually a mash-up of two of Carlin’s bits – Amercian Bullshit (You are all Diseased) and Proud to be an American (It’s Bad for Ya).
– This is the first piece I did as pure vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Although I’m happy with the results, I prefer using pens and Photoshop.
– You can buy all of Carlin’s albums and DVDs at the official George Carlin online store.