George Carlin week: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3

And you thought George Carlin week was over! Well, it was originally meant to be only three quotes but something happened – I got scared. I had second thoughts about publishing the Religious Hats comic that appeared last Monday and had in fact decided not to post it. I frantically did this piece last weekend so I had a replacement comic. I didn’t want to upset any of my religious readers and a few people told me not to post it or at least wait until the blog was more established. But then after thinking about it more I realised I HAD to post it because a) this website is meant to be an expression of MY personality, b) I always try to make everybody happy, which is stupid and c) I couldn’t rightly honour the spirit of George Carlin by being too chickenshit to express an opinion. So I went ahead and posted it and it was fine. There were no complaints. One reader didn’t like the profanity but didn’t have a problem with the subject matter. All that worry over nothing! Sheesh, what an idiot. On the bright side, you get an extra Carlin comic!

– I totally have to practice what I preach because I am an absolute slave to my iPhone. I get antsy, start to hyperventilate and twitch involuntarily if I don’t check my email/facebook/twitter every fifteen minutes. AND i’m planning on getting the new iPad. Damn you Apple!
– The above quote is taken from Carlin’s HBO special It’s Bad For Ya. He specifically refers to America (“Nobody questions things in this country anymore” and “Americans have been bought off …”), but i think it can apply to most of the world.
– You can buy all of Carlin’s albums and DVDs at the official George Carlin online store.