Plato (424BC-348BC) was a classical Greek thinker and along with his buddies, Socrates and Aristotle, helped form the basis of philosophy and science in the western world. I won’t pretend that I know anything about him … I don’t. I was looking for a good quote about music and this was the most beautiful one I found. Can you imagine a world without music? It’s such an important part of our culture, our society and the very fabric of our existence. I listen to all sorts of music while I’m working ranging from funk, soul, jazz, rock, electronic, house … whatever mood I’m in basically. There’s nothing better than when I’m happily drawing, music is playing, I’m singing along (poorly) and at that particular moment in time, all is good in the world.

– Doing long, narrative comic strips require a lot of energy and time so sometimes I like to follow those with shorter, poster-style, single illustration cartoons like this one. It’s also necessary because there’s not enough time for me to do three long and complicated updates a week.
– Yes, this family keep the Grandfather locked in the attic.