This quote has been attributed to different people so I just put ‘Armed forces’ to be safe. It’s been credited to George Patton and as being the Navy Seals motto (which it isn’t) but I didn’t find a source I was confident enough to put on the final cartoon. If anyone knows for certain who first said this, please let me know. Obviously, this quote is popular with military groups and martial arts practitioners, but it can apply to anyone.

This is the first toon featuring my lil Shaolin Monk character who’s on the Zen Pencils logo and I’m thinking might pop up from time to time for various quotes. When I was a kid (who am I kidding, even now) I was totally obsessed with anything related with kung-fu, samurai and especially ninjas (c’mon, who doesn’t love ninjas?) so this quote was perfect to show off my love for ass-kicking martial arts warriors.