Bill Hicks (1961-1994) was an American stand-up comedian known for his intense performances that criticised religion, politics, entertainment, commercialism and society. While I think he and George Carlin had similar points of view, Hicks had a much darker and angrier delivery. He didn’t enjoy the same success as Carlin and was bitter after spending years on the road, playing in shitty clubs to unappreciative and ignorant crowds. Only when Hicks went abroad to the UK and Canada did he find a receptive audience who agreed with and celebrated his material. Since his death, he has gained almost mythic status as one of the greatest comedians ever … which I totally agree with. I think he’s brilliant – a true comedy prophet.

– I’m not sure if this comic makes sense for those not familiar with Hicks. Here’s the full routine in the proper context.
– Just stumbled upon this during my Hicks YouTube surfing which I hadn’t seen: David letterman pays tribute to and apologises to Hicks mother for cutting her son’s final performance from his show.
– A lot of you wanted me to adapt It’s Just a Ride, and don’t worry, I plan to one day! I had this piece done a few months ago.
– What’s your favourite Hicks routine?