Edgar Mitchell (1930-) was the pilot of Apollo 14 and the sixth man to walk on the moon in 1971. On his journey back into Earth orbit, Mitchell had a profound out-of-body experience where he says he became aware of a universal consciousness. Since then he has immersed himself in the study of noetic science and channeling the power of the mind. He also has controversial views on UFOs, claiming that aliens have visited Earth and there has been a massive government cover-up to deny their existence.

– Thanks to Atanas who submitted this quote on the Facebook page. It was included in a great collection of space quotes.
– Mitchell was featured in the documentary In The Shadow of the Moon which focuses on the US Apollo missions. It’s an absolute awesome (yes, it is actually awe-inspiring) film and I highly recommend it. Go watch it already.
– I realise that if the world leaders were actually standing on the moon without protection, their heads would be exploding Total Recall-style. I thought putting them in spacesuits would take some of the focus away from the immediate message of the quote.
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