This is my second Kurt Vonnegut quote (here’s the first one). He just had such a gift for expressing the joy of living and creating into a few sentences that I was always going to adapt more than one of his. I’m trying to avoid double-ups this soon into the website being online, although obviously not trying too hard since I’ve also done two Robert Frost and Hunter Thompson quotes.

Vonnegut’s words are so true – there’s a certain joy in just creating something … anything. Personally, to go from sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper then to having a completed comic is pretty cool. And then for that comic to be put online, be seen by thousands of different people around the world and for those people to relate or connect with it is really magical. And this happens all in the space of a few days! It’s amazing when you think about it.

– Thanks to Tristan for submitting this one.