My first Einstein poster has been pretty popular and is one of my personal favourites so I wanted to do another Einstein quote and decided to do it in the same style and format so that they can be purchased as a series. I also picked the similar theme of learning, education and curiosity. Einstein was famously anti-authoritarian and very critical of traditional education and the senseless memorisation of facts. He urged the use of creativity and spontaneity in the classroom and strongly believed a child’s greatest asset is their imagination. Einstein had one of the most spectacular imaginations of all time and the modern world is shaped from his remarkable ‘daydreams’. Don’t believe me? Then take Michio Kaku’s word for it.

– I was originally going to adapt this quote: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” but then found out it has been
misattributed to Einstein.
– I’m probably going to do a third and final Einstein quote in the future to finish the series. Any suggestions?