Henry Rollins (1961-) is an American comedian, entertainer, writer, radio DJ, actor, TV-presenter, activist and former punk-rocker. I was always familiar with him but didn’t really know his work, but after a reader submitted this quote I was compelled to check out more of his material. So after watching his YouTube videos, reading some of his interviews and finding out what he’s about, I definitely appreciate him a lot more. You have to admire a guy who tours the world with just a microphone, performing on stage night after night trying to educate people. To me, he seems like a very intelligent guy doing his best to fight bullshit and help others. What’s not to admire?

– Rollins’ official website.
– Thanks to Daniel for sending me this quote.
– My favourite podcast is Marc Maron’s WTF and his interview with Rollins is well worth a listen.
– Share your favourite Henry Rollins YouTube video in the comments!