So this comic is a bit different – I didn’t adapt the story from a famous quote, it was just an idea I had. I was thinking about my Invictus comic and wondering what the boy could have done to get revenge on his bullies instead of lashing out in violence. Well, I figured he would go off and become super-successful while the bully would go on to lead a miserable life. And of course, the coolest way to become successful these days is to be a start-up superstar and there’s no bigger start-up superstar than Mr Facebook.

Let’s face it, spite can be one of life’s biggest motivators. It definitely is for me, I’m not ashamed to admit it. When I told people I was quitting my job and selling my house to start a comic blog, they said “Man, you crazy!” or “I’ll bet you come back in 6 months begging for your old job”. Stuff like that just motivates me and makes me work harder. Just thinking about those stupid naysayers faces fills me with rage which I channel into constructive work, all in the goal to prove them wrong. (Of course, lots of people were really supportive of my decision and they rock). I know this isn’t the most Zen attitude to have but it works for me.

– “Living well is the best revenge” is a quote from English poet, George Herbert.
– Just to be clear, this comic is in no-way related to the Poetic Justice saga. It’s not the same boy.
– Despite all the school bullying comics I’ve done, I was not bullied in my childhood. My school days were pretty uneventful and boring.