This is one of the most requested quotes I get so thanks to everyone who sent it. It’s from Bill Hick’s Revelations special and you can watch him deliver it in this clip. Here’s my first Bill Hicks comic.

I’ve had the quote saved for months but I only figured out a way to to adapt it after recently watching the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job. It explains how a bunch of super-rich banking assholes broke America’s economy and sent the world into a recession. While it’s pretty far-fetched to think one of these super-rich CEOs would give up their position of power and turn to philanthropy, it’s not totally unbelievable. Bill Gates has given over $28 BILLION to charity, and along with Warren Buffet, have started The Giving Pledge, with the goal of recruiting billionaires to give away their fortunes. One member is George Lucas, who just announced he would be donating most of the $4 billion he made when he sold Lucasfilm to help improve education.

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