Louis CK (1967-) is a stand-up comedian and is at the top of the comedy world right now thanks to his Emmy-winning show Louie (which he writes, directs, edits and stars in). I’m a big fan and If you haven’t seen any of his specials or his FX show, then you’re in for a treat. You can download his specials for only $5 from his website (all contain very explicit language).

It seems that everyone in my generation know only two adjectives: AMAZING and AWESOME. It’s one of my pet peeves and this quote from Louie’s Hilarious special perfectly sums up how I feel too. (You can listen to the bit in this clip, starts at about 1.50min)

– One of my favourite Louie clips: Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy. (WARNING: Very offensive and hilarious language)
– Louie pays tribute to George Carlin.
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