This is the second quote from Brené Brown that I’ve adapted and a semi-sequel to The Woman in the Arena. Brené specialises in creativity, vulnerability and shame and in the blog post where this quote is taken from (it also appears in her best-selling book The Gifts of Imperfection) she writes that like many others, she was disconnected from her creativity until she actively made an effort to embrace it again and make it a part of her life.

And I know, it does sound a bit privileged and pretentious for me to tell people to find time to be creative in today’s world. “Jeez Gav, I have a full-time job, two kids and a house that needs cleaning. I don’t exactly have time to set up the easel and paint a still-life.” I get that, but I’m not telling you to complete the next Mona Lisa or write War and Peace. It could be as small as baking a cake for your kid’s birthday, drawing an anniversary card for your spouse instead of buying one, taking up the piano again after years of not practicing, having a karaoke battle with your friends – it seriously doesn’t matter.

And yes, if you haven’t tried it before or have neglected art for years, your initial attempts will be awful. Absolutely horrible. But that’s ok. Just do it for yourself and not to impress anyone. Just have a bit of fun and don’t let that battered and bruised creative spirit inside you die out completely.

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– Brené’s new book BRAVING THE WILDNERNESS is out in September. You can pre-order it here.
– I initially made fun of those adult colouring-in books in this post which upset some of you. I felt bad and was inspired to put together a free PDF of my artwork for you to colour-in.