Epictetus (50CE-130CE) was one of the key Stoic philosophers, along with Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. Born as a slave, Epictetus was given permission by his master to study philosophy and eventually became a free man, opening up his own philosophy school in Ancient Rome. When Emperor Domitian banished all philosophers from Rome in 89 CE, Epictetus fled to Greece and continued his teachings. Although no actual writings of his survive, Epictetus’ philosophy was written and published by his student Arrian as The Enchiridion and Discourses, which can be read for free online.

Seneca – Sympathy for the Devil
Marcus Aurelius – A Meditation
Jiddu Krishnamurti – Don’t compare yourself to others

RFK – A Ripple of Hope
Jacob Riis – The Stonecutter
Winston Churchill – Never Yield to Force
Calvin Coolidge – Never Give Up

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