George Patton (1885-1945) was an American General famous for kicking Nazi ass in WWII. He was known for his no-nonsense, hard-as-nails, foul-mouthed personality and was given the nickname ‘Old Blood and Guts’ by his soldiers. Patton came from a military family and knew from early on that his destiny was to serve his country in battle. He went to military academy at a young age, worked his way up to Colonel and won the Purple Heart in WWI before going on to command the US Third Army as a General in WWII. After surviving the two bloodiest wars in history, Patton died from injuries he received in a car crash, just 7 months after VE Day. Now that’s f’ed up.

I think the idea of a romantic story being told with the words of George Patton, probably one of the most unromantic people you could think of, is pretty funny. It’s what this site is all about!