When I was away on my book tour recently, I took part in the Inktober challenge, where I had to post a new drawing on Instagram every day of October. I only drew my own characters hoping that it would trigger some new ideas for comics which thankfully, it did. I loved drawing the Red Demon again and also the Little Kung-Fu warrior that first appeared in my Desiderata adaptation, and I thought it be cool to draw them in the same comic. That’s where the idea for this story originated.

I’ve mentioned in the past that most of the time when creating these comics, I start with the quote or poem and then figure out a story to match it. But sometimes I think of the story first and look for a quote second. For this comic, I had the story ready to go and spent days trying to find a quote or poem to go with it. I couldn’t find anything. Nothing. Nada. Zip. So I reluctantly decided to write a poem myself. I’ve written some comics before like The Calling, and I also wrote an original poem for my new book (you’ll have to buy the book to read that one). Anyway, writing is not my strength, but I had fun with this poem. Thanks for indulging me.


– The Little Warrior first appeared in my adaptation of Desiderata.
– The Demon first appeared in these two comics: Always be Prepared and Sympathy for the Devil.
– More epic poetry comics: The Calling. Phenomenal Woman. Invictus. Ithaka. Ozymandias.

UPDATE: A few readers requested I post just the text. So here it is. Thanks so much for the kind words about the poem!!


I’m born to ride the crashing wave
To conquer each challenge anew
Ready to fight, forever brave
Ready to face a foe like you

Out from the shadows you appear
And steal me from my sheltered home
The day has come, the day we fear
Now I must face you on my own

You have me now, you didn’t ask
Lust and greed your only reason
But all that strength is just a mask
Stripped away, I see you demon

Your stench, your breath, your icy touch
Are not enough to close my eyes
And through the pain I know this much
I’ll never be your helpless prize

So we begin our violent dance
You have the rage, but no control
Don’t you realise there is no chance
Against the thunder of my soul?

Beyond the darkness into light
Is a warrior breaking free
Did you think that I would not fight?
I had no doubt, I count on me

Beyond my pain beyond my fear
For no one will I bend a knee
My heart is fire, my mind is clear
My spirit is a roaring sea