This is my second quote adaptation from the great Robert F. Kennedy. It’s an extract taken from one of his most important speeches, titled ‘On the mindless menace of violence’, which Kennedy gave on April 5, 1968, the day after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. You can listen to him deliver the speech in this video or read the full transcript. Tragically, just two months later, Kennedy himself would become another victim of the mindless menace of violence.

Although this is a serious and sobering quote, I wanted to tackle it in a light-hearted nature, especially after last week’s heavy comic. I was reading a Peanuts retrospective book and was inspired to draw in a Charles Schulz style, and thought using kids to tell the story could be fun.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY A ripple of hope
CARL SAGAN Make the most of this life
ANNE FRANK It’s difficult in times like these
TIMOTHY LEARY Find the others
ROGER EBERT On kindness
MALALA YOUSAFZAI I have the right

Thanks to reader Jennie for submitting this quote.