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Each poster can be viewed on its own but also works as a little story when displayed in the order above. It goes something like this: Our friend, the Shaolin Monk (the official mascot for Zen Pencils, and whose name I haven’t figured out yet) is disillusioned with the monastery’s rigid dogma and resistance to new ideas so decides to leave and discover his own path to self-fulfilment. On his journey, he climbs a massive mountain as a test of his will power and to overcome his fear of heights. Once at the summit, the monk strips down to his undergarments amidst a freezing blizzard and meditates. He trains his mind to overcome his physical pain, which is the next step on his journey to enlightenment.

Well, that’s my interpretation.

You’ll receive each poster as an ELECTRONIC HI-RESOLUTION PDF DOWNLOAD which are suitable for printing up to A3 size (11.8 x 17 inches). You could print them bigger but quality will start to decrease. The picture below shows the posters I printed at my local copy centre and framed myself.

These posters are for private use only, NOT for resale or commercial use. You receive the first poster immediately upon sign up confirmation and the following two each week after that.

(NOTE: These 3 posters were previously all credited to Ralph Waldo Emerson, but after some help from the Quote Investigator, I discovered that the first quote is attribited to Muriel Strode and the third quote to Ronald Osborn.)